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We are accepting donations. All donations will be used for the benefit of animals. Money will be used to spay/neuter animals, build a new animal shelter, etc.

Mail donations to:


314 NW. 51st Rd.

Clinton, Missouri 64735

Make checks payable to PAWS

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Finally, you can support PAWS by following these links.

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MSN HomeAdvisor - Microsoft HomeAdvisor offers a complete guide to the homebuying process. From Homes to loans to home maintenance, HomeAdvisor is a great place to go to.

MSN MoneyCentral - MSN MoneyCentral is the fastest-growing financial site on the Web. The site provides powerful tools and valuable information to help people track their investments, manage their money, understand taxes and research insurance.

MSN Sidewalk - Sidewalk is a combination of a local consumer buyer's guide, entertainment guide and comprehensive yellow pages. Link to Sidewalk's Yellow Pages for a directory of over 14 million businesses in the U.S.

Slate - Slate is the online magazine edited by Michael Kinsley that provides readers with a smart take on the week's news, politics and culture.

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We will have more links in the future.

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